Purpose-built to Elevate Peer Support Administration

Everything your centre needs to scale and deliver care to your peers and peer workers 🚀

Consumers love the experience. Institutions trust our product.

Experience for Peers

The warmth of your service and care, delivered virtually at scale

Meet people where they're at—

Your consumers want zero wait times. They want to get matched with personalized programs and peer workers. In a way that preserves confidentiality.

Our technology is the perfect solution!

Program matching, scheduling and enrolment with zero wait time

Matching based on lived experiences, clinical diagnosis, identity and background

Automated and personalized email and text communication flows


Just like you, we meet people where they are! Provide care without internet and overcome language barriers.

Virtual Peer Care

All the in-person exercises made possible virtually!

Experience for Providers

Cut time spent on administration by 90%

Integrate with Healthcare Partners

A place for hospitals and clinics to securely refer their patients to your peer support centre. Incoming peers are instantaneously matched with the best supporter and feel welcomed at your centre.

Your intelligent clinical and financial OS

We know healthcare administrators are responsible for consequential decisions and often make tough calls without all the information. We build data pipelines and deliver dashboards so you can make decisions, feeling confident, and report for compliance and budgets.


What people have to say about us 😊

So much thought, effort and genuine kindness shines through this team

Erin Peters

I was able to finally talk and share things that I was never able to do before with anyone. Thanks for making this email friend connection happen. Means a ton to finally have someone in my corner!

University of illionois

This platform has magic powers to change endless lives.

University of British Columbia

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